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About New Nest Egg

Ready to discover financial freedom?  

New Nest Egg is a coaching platform for members looking for new income, part-time, a side hustle, retirement income, a full-time business or a digital nomad. Our secret sauce combines “Empathetic Superusers” to provide up to the minute coaching plus live one-on-one and group coaching. New Nest Egg is an incubator program that matches you with projects nationally or globally and helps you nail it. Whether you are just starting out or experienced in the global marketplace, You want great meaningful projects on your own terms, when you want and where you want?  You can!

Tired of working for peanuts at dead-end jobs? 

Ready to discover financial freedom and even new retirement income?   Wish you could just press a button and get paid to do great projects that pay well?  New Nest Egg is an accelerator/incubator program that coaches and shows everyday people the secrets to landing great projects nationwide and globally.   

We coach specific methods to achieve financial reward whether you are experienced or a beginner.

The most important requirement is the passion to master and achieve success through our focused coaching program that yield strong individual revenue plus a heightened level of personal satisfaction. This all revolves around our team of “Empathic Superusers plus live one-on-one and group coaching sessions,  exclusive reports and a private forum,  Members get augmented training through specialized skill courses, private forums and optional Master Mind classes. Our New Nest Egg team is committed to your success and we hold nothing back by sharing personal success hacks and tips to achieve a fast start on the road to personal achievement.


Andy Asher

It was just before 2006, I was a stock trader executing complex spreads, options, and straddles for high net-worth investors.  I was doing well on an upward swing. Building a good comfortable $10-million dollar business.

Jump ahead two years the world economy sustained the infamous Great Recession.  Things came to a standstill including my income.  I didn’t have the adequate Nest Egg saved up to sustain my family. I needed a New Nest Egg, hence what would become this amazing opportunity to help others with what I discovered.   But during the recession jobs were hard to come by in a bad economy and I was in my 60’s with a few wrinkles and grey hair and it felt like a knock against me.  It was a bad time and that forced me to survey what I could do and I kept returning to my interests and passion for tech and the digital marketplace.  I started by building websites and mobile apps for small businesses. It was difficult but also a period for tremendous personal growth.  I built the first traffic app for drivers using crowdsourcing for live road updates from motorists.  On the heels of that I launched the online publication for people over ’50 Bloomer Boomer which sold several years later.  All of this taught me a lot about finding work and hiring others in the global landscape and I was able to help others like me who had been downsized, being paid below their true market value and many more who were little older like me.

So if there is a blessing that I could pass on to others in my life, it would be how to create the lifestyle you love and get paid what you deserve, using proven methods that my team and I at New Nest Egg discovered.  So our program adopted the highly successful accelerator model that is widely used in Silicon Valley for new start-ups and we adapted it to ordinary people who want to make an excellent income and find projects they enjoy.  We take you under our wing and get you into a rapid accent into the global digital marketplace.   Check it out and let’s see if you are a fit for our program.

Megan Sandwick

As an Operations Manager, I build International remote administrative teams that reduce turn-around-time while increasing the quantity and accuracy of task completion!  As an Accountability Coach, I am a resource ninja and partner to Freelancers and Entrepreneurs increasing their productivity and income with purpose!

I never dreamed a lifetime of asking questions along with an addiction for planners would lead me to my dream job as an Accountability Coach.

Hi, my name is Megan and I am very passionate about working smarter not harder and empowering people to be their very best selves.

Over the past 20 years, I have been blessed beyond belief to work with amazing people around the world as an Employment Coach, National Project Manager, Deputy Director, Project Coordinator, Employment and Benefits Coordinator, Benefits Services Manager and Freelance Virtual Assistant!

My experience has equipped me to be your Accountability Coach!

9 Things About me…

  1. I believe Accountability Coaching is actually a partnership and is most successful when it is purpose driven! Results of my coaching sessions include increased productivity, less stress over details, a richer life balance, and an average of 50% increased quarterly income for my clients. Follow me on twitter at MegansMat for productivity tips!
  2. As a Top Rated Freelancer, 100% of my clients have recommended my work and 41% of my clients are long-term.  I have been paid to do a wide variety of projects including manage social media campaigns, post comments on blog posts, write travel reviews to places I’ve never been, build outreach campaigns using ZOHO and Infusion Soft, and complete HR generalist functions.  It’s all about figuring it out and making it happen.
  3. I love being part of the team building process especially when everyone is working together to make it better! Most recently I was responsible for developing and the day to day work distribution of an International remote Shared Services Team of Administrative Coordinators available to complete ad-hoc and template tasks for Upwork Professionals team for more than 450 hours a week!
  4. I am committed to living a mindful life by intentionally taking care of my mind, body and spirit. Follow me on Instagram at MegansMat and you will see my happy place is the beach.
  5. My favorite motto is “Work smarter, not harder”
  6. As a Master Certified Trainer, I facilitated interactive life skill workshops, motivational job search workshops, and engaging job advancement classes for thousands of participants around the country.  My successful workshops resulted in over an 80% placement rate.
  7. As a National Project Manager for a Fortune 500 Company, I created and facilitated “Train the Trainer” workshops for thousands of employees around the country on topics including case management, time management, productivity, personal growth team development mission vision values.
  8. As an Operations Manager, I coached staff to set and exceed personal and professional goals for over 15 years.
  9. As an Operations Manager, I exceeded contract objectives for all my projects. My successful outcomes include increasing placement by 50% for 4200 TANF and refugee participants.