Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are getting really good questions all the time and we will continue to update the FAQ with answers to your questions.

I am an admin for a medium size company which means I do a lot of different jobs.  How should I decide which projects to get?

The first thing to remember is we help you decide what to focus on by working with you to identify what you like, what you are best at and where you can make the most money.  So, for now, don’t worry about deciding other than to think about what you really like doing.  Remember you can use more than just one of your skills and you will probably learn a lot more once you get started.

How important are computer skills?  What worries me the only projects I will find are for people with advanced computer skills.  I have a desktop computer at home by my skills are pretty basic.

Your computer will become an important tool in your life.  It will literally become your desktop but that’s it.  As long as you can turn it on ready to learn a few more basic skills, you should be just fine.  The next FAQ will answer a question a lot of people ask.  It’s about what makes you unique, and what you know about using a computer has nothing to do with it.

I have done a lot of different kind of jobs, mostly in the carpentry trade so it worries me that my skills won’t translate well into digital projects.

You would be so surprised.  First, remember we are working in the global marketplace.  With your carpentry experience, someone in S. Korea might need someone who can help understand basic home building rules for example.  They might ask you to send them reference material they will gladly pay for.  Remember you decide which jobs you want to take, so it’s up to you.  These skills are what we call, “your unfair advantage, ” or what unique skills and background you possess that no one else can do.   We address this in much greater details in our live and pre-recorded programs.

So how much can I earn doing this?

To say you can earn as much as you want sounds oversimplified but you actually can.  We show you how to work smart.   That is one of the huge New Nest Egg strengths. We help you with the tools and know-how so you can make a great income and work only has hard as you want. More specifically, we have posted income samples on the website and many people are making 6 figure incomes and a lot of others are making a lot more.

New Nest Egg may have answered my dreams but let me make sure. I want to retire early overseas but I still need to make an income. Is this something you guys can help me with.

One of the fastest growing trends are people hoping to retire in places like Panama, Greece, Latin America, Australia, and other far off lands. New Nest Egg has a module about working and retiring overseas, best countries to live, getting work visas, cost of live and a lot more. Our modules and live forums should answer your questions.

I have a quiet voice and I am not a big talker so it worries me I can never sell myself and my skills.   Will I have to sell myself because then I know won’t succeed? I worry that will be a problem.

Something unique you will discover is in the online marketplace there are times when you will only communicate with your clients using text, and no voice contact.  Collectively those of us who work at Nest New Egg have had many clients from everywhere in the world who we have never talked to.  Does that answer your question? Our accelerator program will provide you the confidence to do well.

Yes, I am interested.  What’s next?

Click here or on the link at the center of That is going to take you to all the nitty-gritty. The first thing is to schedule a 15-minute Zoom meeting to make sure this is the right fit. Keep in mind we are offering the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars and personal satisfaction.